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Clients 5 step guide to a hair Consultation

Going to a new salon, or even your present salon may evoke feelings of anxiety.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  A good consultation should be able to help your find a look that not only suits your  sense of style, but your lifestyle as well.  I’ve had many clients come in with horror stories of other salons where the stylist didn’t listen to them.  They wanted a trim, but got 5 inches off.  Sound familiar?  A good consultation can make the difference between a good experience or a bad one.  You, as a client have a right to a good consultation.  Here is how you can help

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  • Bring pics…lots of ’em ~ not only do the pictures show what you want in regards to color, cut etc. but they can give the stylist an idea of your personal style.  The visual can also allow the stylist to explain realistic expectations.  If you brought a pic in of Gwen Stefani and you have hair that is black and super curly, you might have a hard time achieving your goal.

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  • Avoid peak hours for major consultations ~ If you are going to do the same ole thing then time is no big deal. If however a major style and color change is happening the stylist will be stretched for time.  The last thing you would want is for the hair dresser to hear “eight inches off please” instead of 2 because he or she was distracted.
  • Specify what you don’t want ~ Its very easy to recognise something you want, but recognizing what you don’t want is easier and usually so specific that if your stylist is listening and avoids all the thinks you hate you’ll usually be left with what you love.
  • Be honest about previous services ~ Often time a person will play with their hair at home and not want to let a stylist know that they have been naughty (I don’t know why people do this). Or they think that the color done a year ago is all grown out now.  Not telling your stylist this can lead to disastrous results! Any services done within the last 3 years can affect the new services done.  Not to threaten you (although I am) a stylist can usually see all  the past chemical things done in the hair when they apply color.  So make sure you tell your stylist.  FullSizeRender [81619]
  • Make sure you understand the maintenance involved ~ Some things you do to your hair will require more maintenance than others.  Usually the standard upkeep for everything is 6-8 weeks. However the farther away you go away from your natural the more maintenance may be needed. Rebook your next appointment too!.  You know that every six months you have to go to the dentist, so you book it before you leave the office after a cleaning right?  You may also know that you may need a haircut every 7 weeks, so why not book it before you leave the salon.  This is essential for getting the time that works for you and helps you to maintain the look you’re trying to achieve.

The relationship between you and your stylist is a special one.  We are not only your stylists; we are your artists, therapists, customer service reps, and hopefully friends.  We love giving our clients the gift of fabulous hair.  its a relationship like no other, but like all relatioshiops it requires communication.



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"Clients 5 step guide to a hair Consultation"

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