2020 wildfires, volcanos and Corona oh my!

Well it’s been a crazy year so far.  There has been a few big bummers, with one of the biggest ones being Covid-19.  Many of this years tragedies affected people lives and the salon is definitely feeling the effects of Corona. At this time the salon is currently closed.  Although we are anticipating just a temporary closure it was still a tough decision to make.  From a financial point of view? Yikes (cleanest word to use here).     From a human point of view? No brainer. While I’m saddened  for my staff and clients (I can’t shake the feeling that I somehow let them down or failed them),  I ultimately know that closure was the best and only thing I could do to protect them. While I obsessively combed the internet seeing underground hairdressers still operating it  really got me thinking about business and ethics.  I’ve always strove to operate as ethically as I could. Balancing  the need to make a profit and also maintain my morals and values. This hasn’t always been easy.  My dad always said “whatever decision you make, just make sure you can look at yourself in a mirror and be happy with who you see” I’m satisfied with who I see.  Closing is a major sacrifice for your community, and your community will thank you when things get rolling again.  For everyone who has been there with me through the years I thank you for your loyalty and love. All of us at Stevie P’s will miss you, and will see you all soon xoxo





few of us are missing 🙂

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"2020 wildfires, volcanos and Corona oh my!"

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