Hair Trends after Covid

I was trying to answer questions online for my clients about what to do with a multitude of hair situations.  They were dealing with things like grey roots, brassy blondes, their sons or husbands having that Justin Bieber flip and what not.  That’s when it struck me…what does the future of hair look like?  Its not a new thing that social, and economical situations in life can be a catalyst for trends.  Look at the 1920’s.  The sharp lines of short bobs, and masculine clothing were almost a rebellion to the oppressed conditions women were living in prior.  What about the 1970’s? After an era of movements  in the 60’s  (The Civil rights movement, the sexual revolution and woman’s rights movement) many people made a statement with their hair. It was being worn natural, unchained and free. They wore those afros and boho natural big hair with pride. This era is no different I’ve been a hairdresser at this point for about 20 years.  I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go.  I miss some, and I’m really glad to have seen some go lol.  Chunky multicoloured streaks were never my favourite.  All trends have their place however and for a stylist it has been wonderful to stretch my creativity.  The trends the last 5 years have become increasingly more advanced. I remember watching the Hunger Games and thinking to myself that many people were leaning towards having hair like those in the Capitol. For those who have never watched the movie before it’s like Marie Antoinette hair overdone and way too large, coloured all the colours of the rainbow.  Now this may be a bit of an exaggeration, but hair trends lately have certainly pushed the limit of hairdressers everywhere.  Many of the simple colour touch ups and basic blondes have morphed into very advanced colour creations to our delight.  Then just like that a mandatory closure hits and the silver blondes, pastels, rose golds, and balayages of the world are cut off from the maintenance required to keep those looks.  So now what?

We have been living in a time where we have  relative comfort.  The houses are worth a ton, many people are doing pretty well in their jobs.  The  beauty and fashion industry itself has exploded thanks to social media. There has been a boom in people trying to emulate the looks of their favourite celebrity or makeup artists.  Things seem so obtainable.  I mean if Kim Kardashian can go from black hair to blonde why cant I?  spending that $1000 to get me there seems reasonable…right?.  Our new reality is something very different then that. Many have lost their jobs and may have to govern their finances a bit differently, or maybe there are other more pressing things to take care of then the luxuries of hair. Based on what is happening I think that  trends in hair will look a bit different going forward.  Here are some things I think will happen.

Women will still colour their hair (hairdressers rejoice!).  People like to feel pampered and hair appointments have stood the test of time and disasters. There is just something about the human contact I guess. Some may decide this is a perfect time to embrace their natural hair colour, but I think that people will overall continue to colour their hair. I do however feel that the colour trend will be pared down a bit.  People will veer towards sticking closer to their natural hair colours. I think dimensional soft blondes and browns will make a reemergence.  Classic colours that grow out well will be more popular then the vibrant trends of the past few years.  Many people who have made the dreamy bold artistic colours their signature though will continue on. I would love to see this happen almost as a rebellion to our time in self isolation.  Almost like a statement of “HERE I AM HUG ME!”

Men’s hair the past few years has exploded.  The barber game has been on fire!  I think this one depends on how much longer the quarantine lasts.  If men with really low fades can make it past the really awkward semi grow out faze they may learn to like the shaggier look. Simple all over buzz might also become more popular as well.  I mean what can be any easier?

Hair retail will change as well.  This time has forced clients to learn how to maintain their hair at home.  Those good shampoos and tinted toning conditioners they didn’t think were necessary will prove themselves very valuable.  Things like root touch up powders and sprays will also be utilized more.

Taking care of our appearance is a trend that will never go away. The things that we find important have changed though and this will reflect in our choices going forward. Acts of kindness, saving for a rainy day, spending time with our loved ones just might be the bigger trends in our future.


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