Keep moving forward

So its been quite a few months since we have been back to work after Covid 19 closures.  Its been a mix of emotions.  Everything from happiness to major anxiety.  I really feel for all the essential workers who have been at the forefront before me.  Thank you.  There are a few challenges that I have noticed since getting back to work and not all of them include just extra sanitization and mask wearing.

The first  challenge of course was working out all of the protocols required by the government to ensure I had a safe work environment for the customers and staff.  Rigorous cleaning, spacing, sourcing gloves and cleaning supplies blah blah blah.  The new procedures at work took me about a month to get used to, and the mask was uncomfortable for the first 2 weeks.  Its all worked out now.  The other challenge that I faced was of a different kind.  Its not just the physical aspect of the job, but the emotional and spiritual burden as well. I notice that the general weight of the world feels heavy.  Heavier than before we closed. That is the only way that I can describe it. It’s like there is an invisible oppression.  People(not only staff) seem generally bummed out now days.

I love the social part of my job and  I often feel like my clients are like friends or even family.  We as hairdressers are apart of  clients  lives and get to share  beautiful landmarks like graduations, weddings and pregnancies.  We even experience their pain like cancer diagnosis, divorces, family loss, and  job losses.  Its a weighty job, but we try to be there not only just to make them look good but feel good as well.  The issues of today are a whole different level.  I mean life has always had its challenges, but now it just feels blech .  I could blame it on news, social media, Corona Virus… but I think the issue is way more complicated than that.  The solution is also not so simple, but there are small things that can make a difference in someones life.  When a person sits in my chair and shares their beautiful hurting vulnerability,  I try to spend a bit of time to encourage and uplift that person.   I often witness that person who was really in a bad way feel just that little bit better.  Do yourself a favour;  In a time where it seems really dark and a person who you know seems to be suffering and hurting, take the time out to encourage and uplift that person.  Not only will you be really helping them, but  I’m betting you will also experience some happiness.  I mean who doesn’t need some of that these days.  Be well and look for all the good around you.

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